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Public Documents Show Trump Is Lying About DJT Foundation Charitable Giving

Trump seems to have a problem with telling the truth, particularly when he goes on his Twitter binges.
For example, this Tweet is a blatant lie:

This one contains some truth, but is incredibly misleading:

Over the weekend, Trump tried to dissolve his corrupt foundation, and it was blocked. So his response? Tweet out some lies. In October, Trump Foundation was busted giving a $100,000 donation to Citizens United and over a quarter million dollars to various conservative groups trying to buy speaking gigs.

PBS Newshour exposed Trump’s lies:
He posted two tweets, staunchly defending the Donald J. Trump Foundation, his private charity, as both generous and efficient. But those tweets ricocheted. Some say they are misleading or plain false…

Tax filings show he donated nothing to the foundation in recent years. Instead, most of the foundation’s funding, about $9.5 million, has come from outside donors, including Vince and Linda McMahon, the professional wrestling tycoons. Linda McMahon is now the Trump nominee to head the Small Business Administration. The couple gave $5 million in two years.

They continued:

Public documents show foundation funds also went to help settle lawsuits against Mr. Trump, or to political allies, as The Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold recently explained to the “NewsHour.”

They gave to this group called And Justice For All, which is a political campaign committee helping Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, who, at the time, just happened to be considering, her office was considering whether to pursue an investigation against Trump University. They, later on, after the money came in, decided not to pursue that investigation. Trump paid that money out of the Trump Foundation, which is against the law.

All of this is incredibly ironic considering a big platform in Trump’s campaign for President was blasting Hillary Clinton over the alleged corruption of the Clinton Foundation (which was proven to have actually given to charity what they claimed)

The corruption and tyranny and complete and utter hypocrisy of this man and his transition team/cabinet knows no bounds.

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