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Putin just turned on Trump in public lashing on his media outlet

Tensions are high for Trump this week, as his closest relationships are failing under the pressure of the Mueller investigation. It appears that even Vladimir Putin has had enough of Trump and things are growing worse between the two. This is more than just a lovers quarrel as Putin has finally had enough.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Michael Cohen are now working together to expose Donald Trump’s role in the Trump Tower Moscow election plot. After this was revealed, Trump abruptly canceled his one-on-one G20 meeting with Putin, using Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine as his excuse.

If that wasn’t enough, Trump walked past Putin and highfived the Prince of Saudi Arabia in true high schooler fashion. Putin responded by having his spokesperson accuse Trump of canceling the meeting because of the Trump-Russia scandal back in America. This little back and forth was apparently just the warmup.

Putin’s political pundits only say what they have been told to say by Putin himself. We know this, as this is the way the media works in Russia. The Kremlin controls the messaging, period. Semyon Bagdasarov, director of the Moscow-based Center for Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies, went even further, stating that Russia “should spit on Trump and the United States.”

So Putin now wants to spit on Trump? We’ve known he’s had issues with the U.S. for a long time, but his buddy Trump? It appears Trump’s situation just went from bad to worse.

It’s clear that Putin has realized Trump won’t be able to help him and he’s now going to try to damage Trump as a blow to America. What he doesn’t realize is that America is ready for Trump to move along and we will be stronger once he’s out of the White House.

Putin is most likely also concerned about the spin on the Trump-Russia scandal on his end. He wants to convince his own people that the Trump-Russia scandal is all on Trump and his downfall should have no impact on Putin. Not only is Trump struggling with the investigation, it’s clear Putin is grasping at straws as well in an effort to save his own reputation.

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