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Rachel Maddow: Here’s The Reason Putin/Russia Wanted Trump Elected

Rachel Maddow knows why Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted Donald Trump  to be President of the United States – and it involves, and I know this is shocking, a major money deal, worth over $500 billion.

That’s about how much money remains in the balance since President Obama sanctioned Russia for invading Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula. Hillary Clinton, if elected, would have been likely to keep those sanctions in place.

Groopspeak explains:

Donald Trump has selected Exxon Mobil’s CEO Rex Tillerson to be his Secretary of State. Rex Tillerson has an extremely close relationship with Putin, and was close to making a huge deal with Putin before Obama stepped in. With Donald Trump as president, things will be able to resume as normal.

 This wasn’t an average deal, though. Rachel Maddow, as she brilliantly explained in report, stated that Russia’s economy is basically on the line, due to their extremely high reliance on oil.

“Those two giant companies… those two giants got together to do a joint exploration deal, the biggest oil deal in the history of deals. It was so big it was expected to change the historical trajectory of Russia. It was the deal that got the Exxon CEO [Tillerson] Russia’s highest [civilian] award.”

On Capital Hill, the confirmation hearings have just begun – and Rex Tillerson is close to be being confirmed by the Senate.

Senate Republicans aren’t even waiting for background checks to be completed, even though that’s precisely the stance they took when President Obama was the one doing the nominating.

So it appears maybe Russia interfered with the election in hopes of a Trump Presidency just so Tillerson and Putin could finish their $500billion deal.  Yeah, nothing shady about that at all.

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