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Rachel Maddow Reveals Bombshell About Mike Pence in Russia Scandal, Mueller’s Coming “Buckle Up”

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Rachel Maddow Reveals Bombshell About Mike Pence in Russia Scandal, Mueller’s Coming “Buckle Up”

For the entirety of popular vote loser Donald Trump’s tenure as President thus far, the fact that Vice President Mike Pence’s pathetic attempts to bend over backwards and cover up the Russia scandal have been seriously under-reported.

You have to wonder why Pence would work so hard to try and protect Trump from the scandal, especially when Trump’s ousting would make him President.  Unless, of course, he’s not only covering for Trump, but also covering his own guilt.

Congressman Elijah Cummings notified Mike Pence in late 2016 with a latter that Michael Flynn was involved with foreign governments, which means Mike Pence lied when publicly defending Flynn.

Now that we know Mike Flynn has flipped for Robert Mueller,Mike Pence is screwed. Most of the mainstream media still won’t report this fact, but Rachel Maddow isn’s afraid to.

Noting that Pence oversaw the Trump transition team, Maddow pointed that he likely was one of those who was aware that Flynn spoke withe the Russians about easing sanctions.

“Vice President Pence insisted publicly more than once that Mike Flynn never talked about sanctions with the Russians. That was always a false statement,” Maddow began. “Well, now we know that multiple members of the Trump transition team knew that was a false statement when Mike Pence said it. So, why’d they let him say it?”

“Honestly, what we learned today also raises the question of whether or not Mike Pence knew that was a false statement when he said it,” the MSNBC host continued. “Well, we can report exclusively tonight that Vice President Mike Pence has not spoken to Robert Mueller or his team of investigators nor has been asked to. We can also report tonight that the Vice President has not been asked to hand over any documents to the Mueller investigation, but given what just emerged today in federal court, one has to expect that he knows that is coming.”

Real justice won’t have been done until every last one of Trump and his staff, cabinet, associates and family are behind bars. This is without question the single most corrupt (and inept to boot) administration in our nation’s history.

Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!

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