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Firm Raided By FBI Tied to Manafort, Stone, and Trump Casino Money Laundering

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Firm Raided By FBI Tied to Manafort, Stone, and Trump Casino Money Laundering

The FBI raided a political firm in Annapolis, Maryland just days ago, but this isn’t just any firm. Strategic Campaign Group is the name of the firm, which has ties to Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, and Trump’s Taj Mahal Casino.

The tangled web is a little complicated, but it’s not too difficult to make the connections, which The Palmer Report‘s research team has done quite nicely.

NBC affiliate in Baltimore confirms that that the Annapolis firm, Strategic Campaign Group, was in fact raided by the FBI on Thursday.

The Palmer Report points out, Dennis Whitfield is a Senior Advisor for Strategic Campaign Group, and he was previously a director for BKSH and Associates, according to Strategic Campaign Group’s own website. BKSH went on to become Prime Policy Group, according to SourceWatch.

Prime Policy Group was working for the government of Ukraine when it was being run by Russian puppet Viktor Yanukovich, whom Paul Manafort helped get elected. And Prime Policy Group’s own website published a puff piece about Manafort and Roger Stone’s roles in the Donald Trump campaign heading into the Republican National Convention.

So, clearly the firm has ties to Paul Manafort and Roger Stone, but things get even more curious when you start looking into the connections back to Trump’s Taj Mahal casino.

Beth Brigham made the connection between the firm raided by the FBI and Trump’s casino, which can be seen below:

The Palmer Report went on to further dig into the connections and it does in fact line up.

According to the State of Maryland’s official lobbying website, Strategic Campaign Group registered in 2012 on behalf of Prince George’s Racing Ventures (link).

According to the Maryland gaming website, Prince George’s Racing Ventures is also known as Penn National Gaming (link). And according to an interview in Casino Connection Magazine, a guy named James Perry ran Penn National Gaming before he went on to run Trump Entertainment Resorts (link). Trump Entertainment Resorts ran two hotels, one of them being Trump Taj Mahal.

Why is this significant?

Because the Senate Intelligence Committee just recently asked the U.S. Treasury for more information on the money laundering penalties it levied against Trump Taj Mahal in 2015, at a time when Donald Trump still owned a significant stake in it (link). Add this to the connection that the raided firm has to Manafort and Stone (link), and today’s plot thickens.

We may not know the definite reason behind the FBI’s raid, but it could mean the investigation into Trump’s campaign is really heating up.

It makes sense that Trump fired FBI Director Comey if he really was getting close to uncovering something. There’s no telling how deep all of this corruption goes and who all is connected to lies, but given the level of nervousness Trump continues to show by the day (like the Tweet below from Trump), it certainly looks like Trump is trying to hide something.

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