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Reince Priebus Makes Announcement That Signals He May Have Flipped For Mueller


Reince Priebus Makes Announcement That Signals He May Have Flipped For Mueller

Since news came out a few weeks ago that former RNC chair and Trump Chief of Staff Reince Priebus had a long meeting with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, willingly answering his questions, many have wondered if he cut some kind of immunity deal with Mueller, selling Trump out to save his own skin.

According to actions now taken by Reince Priebus himself, we now know that just might have been exactly what he did.

Reince Priebus announced on Twitter that he has taken a job as the president of the Michael Best law firm.

On the surface, this isn’t at all surprising. After all, Priebus worked there before he became the RNC Chair, followed by his role as Trump’s White House Chief of Staff.

However, this move by Priebus is a very big deal and spells very bad news for Trump.

Bill Palmer puts it this way:

“A law firm with two hundred and fifty attorneys on staff doesn’t hire a new president who’s facing any possibility of being charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice. Even if Priebus were confident he won’t be charged based on his own gut feeling, there’s only one way the firm could know for sure.

In other words, with near certainty, Reince Priebus has cut a deal with Robert Mueller which makes it 100% certain that Priebus won’t be charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice. The only way Priebus could get that kind of deal is if he’s given Mueller the kind of useful testimony that will allow Mueller to nail Trump for obstruction. We more or less knew that when his testimony lasted a full day. Now we know it for sure.”

It’s being speculated that Sean Spicer may have cut a similar deal with Mueller. He spent an entire day with Mueller recently and has been an ally with Reince Priebus for a long time, so perhaps he cut a deal too.

Trump has been melting down more and more by the day, showing that he’s in clear panic mode about what Robert Mueller has his hands on. Who can blame the guy? I’d be panicking too.

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