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Report Released Saying: “Trump really may go to jail – for the rest of his life”

If Donald Trump keeps eating fast food and holding to his belief that exercise is bad for him, this may not be an issue, but this is your reminder that the President of the United States of America faces the very real possibility of spending the rest of his life behind bars.

John R. Schindler of The Observer highlights in a piece, called ‘President Trump Really May Go to Jail—For the Rest of His Life’, that nearly two years ago, in the first month of Donald J. Trump’s presidency, “I touched off a firestorm by telling the public what our Intelligence Community—publicly attacked as Nazis by our 45th president on the eve of his inauguration—felt about their new commander-in-chief. As I tweeted, passing on the viewpoint of a senior IC official: “He will die in jail.” ”

Of course, Schindler’s assessment of Trump’s ultimate fate sent Trump’s defenders into a frenzy about such a statement. How dare him, right? Well, according to Schindler, this isn’t just his opinion, as “everybody in the IC I’ve encountered who’s familiar with the Trump case—not a short list—feels similarly. America’s spies before Trump took his oath of office concluded that the Kremlin helped elect the president, and the IC, which deals in facts rather than spin, has never wavered on this point.”

Schindler puts is quite simply is his report. Donald Trump has almost certainly committed crimes, whihc includes conspiring with a hostile power in order to help him get elected. Specifically, Trump’s campaign in 2016 was boosted by foreign hostile powers, which includes seeking financial gain from the unfriendly foreign country in question. Fact is, as Schindler points out, “none of his predecessors did, so it’s increasingly likely that Trump will accrue punishments never visited on any American president.”

Let’s recap the last week or so to see just who much fire is coming down on the president.

1. Special Counsel Robert Mueller informed a Federal court that Michael Flynn, the president’s former national security adviser, had decided to flip Trump and his team. In exchange for his “substantial assistance” with Mueller, Flynn will likely serve no jail time at all.

2. Friday’s news proved to be even more devastating for Trump and his defenders, especially considering the fact that Trump constantly claims that Mueller is a fraud peddling ‘FAKE NEWS’ and there was ‘NO COLLUSION’ with the Kremlin in 2016.

Well, that went up in flames for the president, as late on Friday evening Robert Mueller revealed that Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, had lied to the Special Counsel.

Schindler goes on to mention that it does seem like Mueller is closing in on Trump and his family. The more Trump tweets “NO COLLUSION” and “RIGGED” and “WITCH HUNT,” with varying degrees of literacy, the more frightened, desperate and cornered he seems. Buckle up, Mueller is coming.

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