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Reporter Exposes Jared Kushner For Trying to Destroy Recorded Conversations

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Reporter Exposes Jared Kushner For Trying to Destroy Recorded Conversations

The irony of the Trump team and supporters constantly slamming Hillary Clinton’s security and ethical behavior grows by the day. News outlets are reporting that Trump son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner sent the secret service over to a New York Magazine reporter who had just interviewed him to pressure her to delete recordings she had made.

Raw Story has more:
A BuzzFeed News report about Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s personal PR staff chronicles a peculiar moment Kushner had with NY Mag‘s Olivia Nuzzi that ended with him sending Secret Service agent over to her.

Kushner believed Nuzzi had recorded his remarks to another journalist and requested it be off the record. Kushner then asked Nuzzi to delete the recording, which she refused to do. Afterward, Secret Service agents approached Nuzzi and told her she wasn’t permitted to record in the West Wing.

“It was tense and uncomfortable, but I didn’t want to agree to delete a recording when I was within my rights to record,” Nuzzi told BuzzFeed.

As the report notes, the moment points out just how awkward Kushner’s relationship to the media is — as well as his discomfort with his high-government profile.

Awkward. Yes. Also, it’s the behavior of someone who is hiding something. Most of the behavior of Trump’s administration seems like people trying to hide something. Is Mueller getting any closer? It’s getting harder to be patient.

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