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Reporter Turns Spicer Into a Blabbering Mess After Calling Out Trump’s Lie

In a classic case of the government doesn’t know where their armed fleet is heading, last week, the Trump administration told us that the USS Carl Vinson, an aircraft carrier, was leading an armada towards the Korean peninsula.

Donald Trumped openly bragged about the show of power towards the escalating tensions with North Korea. Except, the Vinson-led armada was 1000 miles away from the Korean peninsula and headed in the opposite direction at the time.

Sean Spicer just couldn’t take it when asked about the blunder in Thursday’s presser.  His attempt to explain what was either gross incompetence or dangerous misleading was quite frankly a complete embarrassment.

Spicer’s continual claim of “we said it was headed there and it is,” just doesn’t make it true. When one reporter pointed out that “yes, it is headed there now…but it wasn’t at the time,” Spicer went full-on moron in his attempt to explain, deferring to the Defense Department.

This administration is without question, the most ill-prepared, ignorant and completely incompetent presidential administration in the history of the United States, and we’re only three months in.  There is no one in our entire history I trust less to be a wartime president that Donald Trump.

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