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Republicans Break: “We’re closer to impeachment now than we think”

Since Trump took office we’ve been waiting to see just how long the Republican Congress would allow Trump to stay in office. One Republican insider is telling us that the GOP impeaching Trump is actually be a lot closer than you think.

Alex Castellanos, a longtime Republican strategist and news commentator told ABC’s This Week that “we’re closer to impeachment now than we think.” He said the Republican Congress knows if they continue to hitch their wagons to Trump its going to cost them the midterms.

Castellanos told ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos that he did not think that Flynn’s guilty plea, was enough to bring down Trump.

“All we have seen is charges for tax evasion and lying to the FBI” in special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, he said.

“But [there are] two converging currents: the Mueller investigation, looking for that obstruction of justice charge and then Alabama, Roy Moore coming to the Senate possibly in a week,” Castellanos said. “[If he wins], he becomes the face of the Republican Party for the next year when we’re already in danger of losing the House. It’s likely we’ll do that without him, lose the House. Trump gets impeached. We’re closer to impeachment now than we think.”

The Democrats will immediately begin impeachment hearings once they are in control of Congress and the GOP will suffer for years. If Republicans oust Trump now, since he’s headed out anyway, they may just save themselves.

This isn’t just one man’s opinion. He’s got his connections throughout the Republican Party and if there are whispers of this reality, he knows it. The GOP has had to deal with Trump and his dismal approval ratings all year and they know he’s not going to be going back up in the polls anytime soon.

The GOP has reached their breaking point and to save their own behinds come election time, they are willing to do whatever it takes, including running Trump out of Washington.

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