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DOJ Insider Reveals Trump’s Saturday Night Massacre is Just Days Away

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DOJ Insider Reveals Trump’s Saturday Night Massacre is Just Days Away

Back in the good ol’ days of the Watergate Scandal, embattled President Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon fired special independent prosecutor Archibald Cox, leading to the resignation of his Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General, in what has become known as Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre.”

While the circumstances of the current President’s scandal are no doubt different (and some would argue much, much worse than Nixon’s), one Justice Department insider thinks that Trump’s own version of the massacre could happen very soon, especially as Trump has been very publicly vocal about his current dissatisfaction with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Palmer Report explains:
After having spent the past few days publicly lambasting Attorney General Jeff Sessions, it’s become clear that Donald Trump is eager to get rid of him. Sessions is steadfastly refusing to resign, meaning that Trump will have to fire him if he wants him gone that badly. But now comes a report that a Department of Justice insider believes Trump will fire Sessions and a whole lot of other people within the next few days.

That’s coming from reporter Brian J. Karem, who recently made a name for himself by telling off White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to her face. He’s now reporting that a “DOJ source says real fear Trump will fire Sessions, fire Rosenstein and then Mueller. In days not weeks and demand loyalty from all” (link). This would represent the kind of scandal not seen since Richard Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre. And there’s additional evidence that it may soon be coming.

Rachel Maddow reported on-air during her Monday evening show that the Donald Trump administration is considering trying to use the upcoming Senate recess to sneak through the appointment of a new Attorney General. Senate leader Mitch McConnell could block such a move by keeping the Senate technically in recess while everyone is out of town. But considering McConnell’s ongoing complicity in Trump’s antics, it’s plenty believable that McConnell would also go along with this. The question is whether anyone else would allow it to stand.

If Trump fires AG Jeff Sessions and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, then appoints a new AG without Senate approval, then instructs that AG to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, he’ll have committed the most egregious crime against the Constitution in the history of the nation. He’ll lose another five points off his approval rating, and the Republican Congress will have to decide whether to finally put his illegal presidency out of its misery, for fear of getting wiped out in the midterms themselves.

While I no longer have the kind of faith in congress that Palmer seems to have, this many dominoes falling at once may finally be what wakes some of them up to do something about this joke of a Presidency.

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