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Right In The Middle of a Hurricane, Trump Suspiciously Meets with Russians

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Right In The Middle of a Hurricane, Trump Suspiciously Meets with Russians

Despite most of the country being in deep distress thanks to Hurricane Harvey and the impending Hurricane Irma, Trump still sees fit to take a vacation. He can’t be stuck in the White House and expected to deal with this emergency like a real President. Instead, he’s sure to make time for a quick meeting with a Russian Ambassador.

Trump met with new Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov this week. This meeting to accept his creditials could have taken place literally at any time in the coming weeks, but Trump decided right in the chaos of a Hurricane would be a great time to meet. It’s as if he hopes the media will be so focused on a natural disaster that they will not notice that he’s taken this inappropriate meeting.

RT reports the new Ambassador said:

“I told [Trump] that we count on improving relations between our two countries,” the Russian ambassador told journalists, adding that he was greeted in a “friendly and warm” manner by the US president.

“I said that it’s extremely important for international peace and security, and not only for bilateral relations,” he added.

“We agreed with his colleagues, his staff, to continue cooperation,” Antonov said.

“We want our relations to be trust-based, respectful, equal and mutually beneficial,” he told the media.

The Palmer Report points out:

Anatoly Antonov is such a shady character that he’s personally made his way onto international sanctions lists (link). Any legitimate President of the United States would be rejecting Antonov out of hand, and demanding that the Kremlin name an Ambassador who isn’t a James Bond villain. Trump, on the other hand, is making a priority of meeting with this guy. Yet somehow, it gets even worse.

Antonov is replacing Sergey Kislyak, who secretly met several times with Donald Trump and his campaign advisers during the course of the election. Kislyak is former KGB, and is widely suspected of having spearheaded the election collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. Just as the investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal was heating up this summer, the Kremlin recalled Kislyak back to Moscow, presumably before he could be questioned. Now it’s replaced him with an even shadier character – and Trump is all too happy to carve out time to meet with the new Russian guy during a major hurricane.

You can draw your own conclusions about this, for it’s not hard to see where Donald Trump’s loyalties lie.

Our country is in shambles with natural disasters one right after the other, millions of people are affected, yet Trump finds time to meet with the Russians in the middle of it all? Sad.

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