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RNC Insider Goes Public About What She Personally Witnessed in Trump/Russia Scandal

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RNC Insider Goes Public About What She Personally Witnessed in Trump/Russia Scandal

Trump is clearly scrambling after Michael Flynn agreed to a plea deal with Robert Mueller. Unfortunately for Trump, that’s not even his biggest problem at the moment.

It has now been learned that the Trump campaign and the Russian government conspired at the 2016 RNC to change the platform in Russia’s favor and now a Republican delegate has come forward to testify about the conspiracy in action.

This delegate is named Diana Denman and she’s about to give a testimony before Congress that J.D. Gordon, a Trump campaign adviser, told her Trump wanted to change the platform. According to NPR, Gordon quit the campaign just weeks after the convention, but it’s not clear as of yet what side she is taking with her testimony. The NPR report notes:

The issue is of interest to investigators in Congress and the team working for Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller because the idea of arming Ukrainians in the fight against pro-Russian separatist forces was staunchly opposed by the Russian government — and, it seems, the Trump campaign as well.

Denman has told people she spoke with Gordon, a national security aide on the Trump campaign, at the Republican convention in Cleveland last year. Gordon identified himself as a representative with the Trump campaign and informed her he had phoned “New York” about the Ukraine proposal, in Denman’s account.

She followed up by asking with whom Gordon had spoken. And, more than once, Gordon replied he had discussed the issue with Trump.

This is a VERY big deal that this delegate heard Gordon actually say Trump was the mastermind behind changing the platform in Russia’s favor.

Despite repeatedly claiming he had no role or knowledge of the conspiracy between his campaign and Russia, it appears Mueller just might have Trump right where he wants them. Flynn’s plea deal shows he’s provided Mueller with legitimate evidence of his own, so when you pair that with Denman’s testimony Trump is going to be in a tailspin.

Bill Palmer points out, “Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak attended the 2016 Republican National Convention and met with several Donald Trump campaign advisers in order to get the party platform changed. J.D. Gordon was among those Trump advisers. It’s widely believed, but not yet proven, that the Trump campaign made the platform change so that Russia would rig the election in Trump’s favor in return.”

This is a game changer and we can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

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