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Robert Mueller Has a Trick Up His Sleeve to Take Down Trump

Donald Trump and his team may be acting like all is well after Trump allegedly (why in the hell was Tillerson the only other one there?) pressed Vladimir Putin on whether or not Russia hacked our election, but that’s only on the surface. Deep down, they’re scared. And what are they scared of? Robert Mueller and his special investigation, that’s what.

The former FBI Director is hiring prosecutors, and legendarily good ones at that, to bring this national nightmare known as the Trump presidency to a crashing halt.  If this were nothing, we’d still be talking about Mueller hiring investigators, not prosecutors. Let me say that again…Mueller is hiring prosecutors.

The Palmer Report explains it best saying:
Some members of the Resistance have convinced themselves that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has a magic red button he can press to eject Donald Trump from office any time he wants. Unfortunately, nothing works that way. Only the Republican Congress (impeachment) and the VP (25th Amendment) have those red buttons, and they’re not willing to use them yet. That leaves Mueller to employ more conventional means. But there is a strong signal from his camp that he’s further along than some pessimists might think.

With all the major hiring that he’s been doing right out of the gate, one might expect Robert Mueller to be hiring investigators, but he’s not. Sure, he already has access to the investigative resources of the FBI and other agencies. But he has a theoretically unlimited budget. If he felt he needed to accelerate the investigative phase by hiring outsiders, he could do it. Instead, he’s hiring prosecutors.

There would be no motivation for prosecutors to come on board yet unless the probe is far enough along for them to be relevant to it. And yet Mueller has hired a boatload of some of the most respected and sought-after prosecutors in the country. That means the investigative phase is quite far along, and they have the evidence they need.

Still no magic red button. Mueller’s job is not to prosecute Donald Trump. So his only reason to hire all these prosecutors is so they can prosecute Trump’s underlings and associates for their crimes in relation to Trump’s scandal. On paper this is because any guilty participants need to be punished. But in reality, you prosecute guilty underlings so they’ll flip on the boss. By the time Mueller’s team is done with all this prosecuting, enough underlings will be pointing the finger at Donald Trump that he’ll no longer be tenable in office.

While I wish Mueller did have that magic red button and could get rid of Trump today, as do a majority of Americans, I’d rather them take longer and get this right so that there’s no question. Get him out fair and square, dead to rights.

Whatever day Donald Trump leaves office, whether that’s through impeachment, or leaving office on Jan. 20, 2021 or (oh sweet Jesus help us all) Jan. 20, 2025, that day should become known as the new American Independence Day. The day we were all set free from the worst thing to happen to the Presidency in modern history.

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