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Robert Mueller Just Had an Extremely Good Day…and Trump’s Totally Clueless About It

When it has been a good day for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, it has also, by the transitive property, been a good day for America.

And so, Thursday was a pretty good day for America. The Inspector General report, which popular vote loser Donald Trump will no doubt falsely claim proves FBI and “deep state” bias against him, actually proves that there was indeed FBI bias during the election – bias against Hillary Clinton that swung the election toward Trump. It proves that the whole Hillary Clinton email scandal was made up and perpetuated by the FBI to harm her campaign.

It also proves something else that could be invaluable to Mueller’s work, as The Palmer Report explains:

There’s only one relevant upshot in here to the Trump-Russia investigation, and it’s one that’s largely being overlooked, because it’s one of omission.

This IG report pulled no punches and took everyone to task. If you breathed wrong, you’re in this report, and you’ve been condemned for it. It’s that thorough. You know who didn’t face any meaningful criticism in this report?

Robert Mueller. Yes, the report was primarily focused on the FBI’s investigation into the phony Hillary email scandal, which was long before Mueller was appointed. But that’s the whole point: all the screw-ups were before his time, and none of those screw-ups help Trump at all.

The absolute only thing Trump can try to claim a ‘win’ about with the IG report is that two FBI agents did not like Donald Trump personally, but the fact that will almost certainly be lost on Trump is the two agents didn’t like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders either.

Simply put, the Department of Justice got demolished with this IG report, but Robert Mueller and those on his team didn’t. The IG report proves that the FBI and DOJ never plotted against Donald Trump, but rather that some actually plotted against Hillary Clinton.

Here’s what Trump had to say on Twitter…

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