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Robert Mueller Lands Yet Another Victory Over Key Figure in Investigation

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has had a very busy week. His case against a mystery company owned by a foreign government has made its way to the Supreme Court. He’s also been in other legal proceedings against various people across several legal arenas. In the midst of the mundane proceedings, he scored a major victory over a Trump-Russia figure.

Mueller has a perjury case against Jerome Corsi. This is the same far-right figure who’s admitted to working with Roger Stone to sell a lie to Congress while under oath. He was allegedly the go-between for Stone and WikiLeaks during the campaign as well. If he can be forced into cutting a deal and selling out Stone, it could ultimately force Stone to cut a deal against someone further up the food chain, possibly Donald Trump himself. Corsi isn’t acknowledging that this is his inevitable path just yet, so he took Mueller to court. That is going just as well as you would expect.

Corsi filed a lawsuit against Mueller and other investigative members of the federal government for $350 million. He’s had his far-right stunt lawyer who loves peddling conspiracy theories leading the way. Corsi tried to convince the courts to assign him a federal judge who is known for giving the federal investigators a hard time.

This strategy has of course failed. The courts have now refused to let Corsi request his own judge in his case, which is not surprising. The comical lawsuit isn’t going to get anywhere, so, once again, Mueller is going to come out on top. This blow should push Corsi even closer to cooperating with Mueller which is a huge step in the right direction for Mueller.

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