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Robert Mueller’s Memo Spells Big Trouble for Mike Pence

Tuesday night sure turned out to be a terrible news night for Vice President Mike Pence. How so? Well, it all began when Special Counsel Robert Mueller revealed that, due to “substantial assistance” throughout the Trump-Russia investigation, he recommends no prison time for Michael Flynn. And although later redacted, he even went on to lay out one page after another of people who Flynn had sold out in his nineteen interviews.

However, within Mueller’s memo remains a very critical unredacted sentence which reads, “[Flynn] assisted the [Special Counsel’s Office] investigation on a range of issues, including interactions between individuals in the Presidential Transition Team and Russia.”

And for those who may not recall, the head of the Trump transition team just so happened to be Mike Pence. But truthfully, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

Do you remember back in January when Pence went on to publicly claim that he had no knowledge of any Flynn contacts with Russia? Well, that never really added up, especially when you consider that last December, we all learned that Robert Mueller had obtained all of the emails from every member of the Trump transition team. In doing so, he has been able to see firsthand that Michael Flynn was illegally conspiring with the Russian Ambassador to sabotage President Obama’s sanctions, and that he was regularly keeping the transition team up to speed along the way.

So unless Pence, the head of the transition team, was somehow strategically left out of the loop, this can only mean one thing: He flat out lied when he went on national television and claimed that Michael Flynn hadn’t had any contact with the Russians. No matter how you spin it, it’s a terrible, terrible look for the VP.

Scott Dworkin with the Democratic Coalition brought this to our attention months ago and believes Pence should resign:

Below is a copy of the letter sent to Mike Pence on November 18, 2016 by Elijah Cummings:

This is all very, very bad news for Mike Pence…

Why? Because he claimed ignorance about Mike Flynn being a paid foreign agent up until the time Mike Flynn resigned and officially registered as a paid foreign agent.

Politico reported in May this year,“Vice President Mike Pence is standing by his March claim that he learned about Michael Flynn’s Turkish lobbying work through the media, even as a new report indicates Flynn informed the transition team in January that he was under federal investigation for not properly disclosing the paid work.”

“Pence, who ran President Donald Trump’s transition operation, had told Fox News on March 9 that “hearing that story today was the first I heard of it.” He repeated the claim about Flynn’s ties to Turkey later in the interview, and said the revelation affirmed Trump’s decision to fire the national security adviser.”

Well, that isn’t exactly true, is it? Congressman Elijah Cummings brought Mike Flynn’s activities to Pence’s attention back in November 2016 in the letter that was sent to him.

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