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Ron Howard Just Silenced Trump For His Meryl Streep Comments with Perfect Response

Ron Howard, legendary director and actor, is the latest Hollywood royalty to take on Donald Trump, this time in defense of Meryl Streep, after Trump blasted her Golden Globe acceptance speech in which she urged Americans to stand up to bullies.

Trump called Streep one of the “most overrated actresses” in Hollywood, which is obviously absurd, considering she’s been Oscar-nominated more than anyone in history and is largely regarded as one of the finest actresses of all time.

Howard took to his Twitter account on Monday to take on Trump and defend Streep:


Commenting on the ridiculous conservative backlash of “celebrities shouldn’t comment on politics,” Howard tweeted again:


One Twitter Troll with an egg avatar (eye-roll…probably paid for arguing with liberals) tried to make this argument with Howard, and he got the best of it, pointing out the utter hypocrisy conservatives are guilty of:


Meryl Streep took the platform afforded her by her celebrity and used it to stand up for the vulnerable and make a passionate plea for resisting bullying behavior.  Donald Trump took the platform afforded him by his celebrity and used it to bully, degrade, demean, name-call and lie about people all the way to the White House.

We’re with Meryl on this one.

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