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Rudy Giuliani Caught on Video Defending Sanctuary Cities

From the “Donald Trump isn’t going to like this” files comes this wonderful video of former New York City Mayor and current Trump legal counsel/national embarrassment Rudy Giuliani, defending Sanctuary Cities.

Scott Dworkin with the Democratic Coalition says: “Here’s Rudy Giuliani defending the Sanctuary City policies in NYC. I don’t think will like this very much. Don’t retweet it. It could get Rudy fired.”

The video features Giuliani during his Mayor of New York City tenure talking about re-signing Executive Order 124, which protected illegal and undocumented immigrants in New York City from being reported to Immigration officials.  The order said that if any immigrant seeks to use any city services vital to their health and safety of others, they will not be turned in.

It’s a far cry from the position of the administration and President that Giuliani is currently involved with, as they’re seeking to be “tough” on immigration, but really just destroying families and lives.

Funny how things change as soon as a powerful position is presented. You’ll sell your soul for the power, much like Kellyanne Conway did as soon as she joined the Trump team after leaving the Ted Cruz PAC. She slammed Trump constantly, now she one of his top propaganda ministers.

Whatever you do, don’t share this video – the president won’t like it very much.

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