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Russian Oligarch’s Plane Lands in NJ, Then Trump Strands Reporters in Windowless Room

We’ve already reported about the Russian oligarch that arrived in New Jersey right behind Trump on his 17-day golf vacation. If that wasn’t enough to raise some red flags, Trump’s behavior right after signals some major issues.

Trump purposely ditched the traveling press in a room with no windows at a Marriott located 12 miles from his golf course and then he went to play golf. That’s right, he ditched the press again and maybe this time it was so they couldn’t prove that Abramovich was in fact meeting with the President.

This is the second time Trump has left the press behind in a windowless room when a Russian oligarch was near by. It happened in February at Mar-a-Lago when Dmitry Rybolovlev was there as well. Since the media was locked in the basement, they could never prove that the two of them were together. It appears Trump it trying to use the same approach this week.

It can’t be coincidence that every time Trump goes on a little trip, a Russian plane isn’t far behind, and the press gets locked in a closet. Trump is hiding something and we can only hope that someone, anyone, gets close enough to prove what’s actually going on.

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