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Russian Prime Minister Publicly Humiliates Trump on Sanctions Vote

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Russian Prime Minister Publicly Humiliates Trump on Sanctions Vote

Dmitry Medvedev is basically Vladimir Putin’s other half. He continues to swap the positions of Russian president and Russian prime minister with Putin so that they can remain in charge forever. So when he spoke out against Trump, it was actually a message from Putin.

Now that the sanctions will officially not be lifted, Trump has failed Putin. Dmitry Medvedev tweeted his response. “The Trump administration has shown its total weakness by handing over executive power to Congress in the most humiliating way. The US establishment fully outwitted Trump. The President is not happy about the sanctions, yet he could not but sign the bill.”

He really just called Trump weak and tried to publicly humiliate him.

The Russian government didn’t bother blaming the Republicans who passed the bill, they went straight to Trump. This is nothing short of a slap in the face to Trump who prides himself on being powerful and manly.

It appears there’s trouble between Putin and Trump, and Medvedev is just the messenger. We expect this is just a warning shot before Putin starts unleashing other, stronger information on Trump to make him more agreeable to compliance.

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