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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Accidentally Incriminates Trump, WH Changes Records to Hide It

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Accidentally Incriminates Trump, WH Changes Records to Hide It

I absolutely cannot believe that anyone could be more inept and incompetent that Sean Spicer, but now that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the President’s mouthpiece, it appears that accomplishment has actually been reached.

On Thursday, Sanders had a slip of the tongue so massive that it makes Sean Spicer sound like Martin Luther King Jr. or Abraham Lincoln.  Sanders may have accidentally and spectacularly incriminated her boss, our esteemed President.

Sanders confirmed that Trump is in fact lying about a very crucial detail that virtually incriminates him. After she did it, the White House launched cover-up efforts to hide what she has just done.

Donald Trump has spent the last several days scrambling to make America believe that he only learned about Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with the Russian government within the past few days. However, Sarah Huckabee Sanders flat out admitted that Trump might have known about it earlier.

Palmer Report explains:

Here’s what Sarah Huckabee Sanders said today about Donald Trump’s knowledge of his son’s meeting: “In fact maybe it was mentioned at some point.” But according to NY Times reporter Julie Davis, the White House retroactively removed that quote from the pool report that it issues to reporters who weren’t in the room (link).

This informally amounts to a confession by Trump through his spokesman, and then an attempted coverup by the White House to bury that confession, making it arguably one of the most scandalous moments in a prolonged coverup attempt that’s already had a historic number of scandalous moments.

At the least, this is the latest evidence that Donald Trump knew about the Trump Jr. meeting and that he’s lying about having known. And depending on the legal interpretation, the altering of the pool report to remove incriminating evidence might even be a crime in itself.

Here’s hoping every word this inept administration utters, every easily refutable lie they tell and then try to cover up, every ridiculous defense they offer of their moronic, corrupt boss, is used against them when this inevitably all goes to trial.

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