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Sean Spicer Has Been Suspiciously Quiet For Months, Then This Incriminating Video Surfaces

Michael Flynn’s plea deal has released a domino effect of movement in the Trump-Russia scandal and the latest one sheds light on yet another corrupt former Trump White House adviser.

After Flynn cut his deal, emails from Flynn’s former deputy K.T. McFarland leaked to the media that she knew Russia rigged the election. This led to the latest intel that incriminates none other than Sean Spicer.

The email chain from December shows that McFarland knew Russia rigged the election in Trump’s favor and that Flynn conspired with the Russian Ambassador during the transition period. Sean Spicer received this email. He then went on to become the White House Press Secretary, so he was the one who handled the public comments when the Flynn communication was first revealed and of course he lied.

Lying isn’t against the law, but obstruction of justice is. On January 23rd, well after he had seen these emails, Spicer said in a press briefing that Flynn had called the Ambassador to wish him a happy holiday. Since we know that Spicer knew exactly what was going on, this lie was a very public effort to obstruct justice and throw off the Trump-Russia investigation.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has already interviewed Spicer and while we don’t know what he said, if he lied about anything he’s about to get charged with a felony. Spicer will likely cut a deal to testify against Trump as well and we can only imagine what all he must have witnessed in his time at the White House.

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