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Secret Service Exposes Trump’s “Tapes” Threat to Comey as a Lie

Trump has once again run his mouth without thinking about the consequences. Apparently, when he threatened former FBI Director James Comey by saying he had “tapes” of their meetings (or at least suggested it), he was bluffing. After Comey’s testimony, the pressure for Trump to produce these tapes is higher than ever.

The Secret Service recorded conversations for Nixon in the White House and that would lead us to believe they would have done the same for Trump. The only problem is that when a Freedom of Information Act request was made to obtain the tapes, the Secret Service says they do not exist.

The Secret Service said it does not have “audio copies or transcripts” of any recordings taken within the Trump White House, according to the Journal, which filed a freedom of information request.

That means that unless a man who can barely use social media, secretly recorded conversations and saved them on his own, Trump’s once again caught in his own lies.

Now that Trump has said these tapes exist, IF they do he has to turn them over. Since they probably don’t, he will be under extreme scrutiny to provide them which will only further dig himself into a hole.

It’s also important to note that Trump is also on the hot seat after this “tapes” threat for potential witness tampering, which is yet another obstruction of justice.

This man just doesn’t know when to stop. Every time he tries to help himself he ends up putting another nail in his coffin. If history repeats itself, the cover up will actually lead to a president’s undoing.

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