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She’s been laying low for months, but Kellyanne Conway may have a big Robert Mueller problem

According to the latest news regarding the polling data Paul Manafort shared with alleged Russian spy Konstantin Kilimnik, it appears Special Counsel Robert Mueller could be turning his attention to Kellyanne Conway if he hasn’t already.

And in a twitter thread, David Measer, an advertising and communications expert, perfectly illustrates why.

“At the heart of any campaign, big or small, is data,” tweeted Measer, senior vice president at the RPA agency and a University of Southern California professor. “Data about the market, people, the competition. In politics, this is called ‘polling.’ Same thing.”

According to Measer, data is crucial for any campaign as both a lot of time and money are spent in order to get the most accurate and detailed information possible about their targeted voters.

“Sharing polling data with anyone is opening a door to collaborate with them,” Measer added.

“Sharing polling data means you’re working together. Conspiring. Making decisions together. Working to destroy the competition,” he continued.

Measer also shared that, per the accidentally unredacted details in Manafort’s court filing, the former Trump campaign chairman had shared proprietary data with a Russian intelligence operative, at the same time the Kremlin was targeting the Democratic opposition.

“You’ve got a Russian hacking operation stealing the competition’s (the DNC’s and the Clinton campaign’s) data…then you’ve got it all,” Measer said. “Everything you need to destroy the competition.”

Then, things got interesting when Measer pointed out that Manafort’s replacement, Kellyanne Conway, would have been in a position to know about the campaign’s operation targeting specific voters with detailed polling data.

“You know who knows a lot about this? @KellyannePolls — someone should ask her,” Measer said.

Although Conway has yet to be accused of any wrongdoing in the Russia probe, and no indication has been given that Mueller is investigating her, Measer does make a good point in arriving at this logical conclusion, wouldn’t you agree?

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