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“Shocking and terrifying” discovery made concerning Trump, Investigator says

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Donald Trump is guilty of collusion. Guilty of conspiracy? Well, circumstantial evidence seems to point to ‘yes’, but that is still in the process of being proven. Trump, his campaign, his family and his administration are all under a microscope and it’s not looking good for them.

Legal/political expert Seth Abramson wrote a book called Proof of Collusion detailing exactly how there is no doubt of Trump’s guilt, and now, he’s writing a sequel, proving Trump is also guilty of Conspiracy (re: Treason), called, you guess it, Proof of Conspiracy.

Here are the basics of the new book:

2/ As the subject of PROOF OF CONSPIRACY is pre-/post-election multi-state collusion (Trump-Russia-Saudi Arabia-UAE-Egypt-Israel), I’m building a timeline of events only lightly reported here or exclusively reported in foreign media. This timeline creates…harrowing revelations.

3/ There are also events in the book that were lightly reported even in *foreign* media, meaning there’s been no effort to link them to the broader Trump-Russia narrative. What I’m saying is, what we thought was the whole (public) story on Trump-Russia is 33% of a bigger picture.

4/ I keep saying that as a former criminal defense lawyer and investigator I’m accustomed to even solid “theories of a case” producing some seemingly contrary evidence. This…isn’t that. Everything I find is inculpatory. *Everything*. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

5/ I’ve done the deepest dive into George Nader’s life that I think anyone has—reading scores of articles from media around the world. And *everything’s worse* than I imagined. The only thing that keeps me on course is knowing that Nader has been forced to cooperate with Mueller.

6/ The scary part is I could say the same, with this book, for Erik Prince, Elliott Broidy, Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner, Thomas Barrack, Rick Gates, Joel Zamel, MBS, MBZ, Trump Jr., and Mohammed Dahlan. It’s all so bad, folks. It’s all really, really, bad. There’s *no* good news.

7/ And apparently I need to say this sometimes, as people do “forget”: I love my country and I want to be wrong about all of this. I want to find contrary evidence. I want nothing bad to have happened. It’d be better for America. Those just aren’t the facts we have—and I hate it.

8/ I did an 11-hour interview with —yes, you read that right; fortunately, only 4+ hours was recorded, as it was almost ridiculously wide-ranging—two days ago. I was asked if I wake up in sweats worried I’m wrong. I said no because being wrong is the *best-case scenario*.

9/ That’s something I hope folks like will remember: those of us who did *not* think we’d be doing what we’re doing now, and didn’t ask for it but wanted to help, love America and *never* forget that our research/writing being *wrong* would be *great* for America.

10/ When someone asks me whether I’d rather none of this had happened—even if it meant no one ever read my Twitter feed, or had any idea who I was—I write back to them YES even before I’ve finished reading the question. What a *dead heart* one would have to have to say otherwise.

Keep on eye on Abramson’s Twitter for details about the book.

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