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Source Confirms Key Player Has Flipped For Mueller, “Providing important information”

Claim after claim in former MI6 agent Christopher Steele’s Trump/Russia dossier are proven true, so one has to wonder why the US media spent several months writing it off as gossip instead of digging further.

Now that the dossier is proving to be a bigger piece of the investigation, it also appears a key player in the dossier is flipping on Trump.

For whatever reason, the British press is ahead of the media in the U.S. on the Trump-Russia scandal developments. Once again, The Independent is the first to confirm that someone from the infamous Trump dossier is “providing important information” to Robert Mueller. What that really means if that someone has flipped on Donald Trump.

The Independent report says, “Meanwhile, the team of special counsel Robert Mueller, leading a separate investigation into the Kremlins’ activities, have contacted and taken evidence from a number of figures named in the dossier, including one, The Independent has learned, who has been providing important information.”

The Independent hasn’t reported who the individual is, nor is it clear if the person was mentioned by name in the dossier, or if the person was labeled using the Source A, Source B, etc nomenclature that the dossier used for some of its key players.

Bill Palmer points out, “Much of the focus on the dossier has centered around the “Pee Pee Tape” which allegedly involved Donald Trump and Russian prostitutes. That part of the dossier has never been confirmed. But other parts, which include everything from election collusion to negotiation of blackmail terms, paint Trump and Russia as having conspired to commit serious crimes against the United States.”

Hopefully Robert Mueller has read every word of the dossier and is ready to use it to help bring his investigation to a close.

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