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Source Reveals FBI Search Warrant Info…and Trump’s Name Is On It

At first, when the FBI raided the office and residence of Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen, its mission perhaps wasn’t the clearest to most of us. However, according to a key detail that emerged on Monday, it appears the raid was simply a search and destroy mission of sorts against Trump.

So, what exactly was that key detail? Well, it was that the FBI obtained a search warrant and has since seized communications between Cohen and Trump.

In short, this means that the judge would have had to sign off on the warrant specifically allowing those communications to be seized. And considering Cohen is technically Trump’s attorney, and that attorney-client privilege applies here, the underlying implication is that the judge must have had reason to believe the communications documented some form of evidence that the two of them had conspired to commit a crime.

Well, low and behold, CBS News has reported that its sources have seen the search warrant in question, and that Trump is in fact named in the warrant:

The FBI search and seizure warrants executed against President Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen mentioned President Trump’s name several times, sources familiar with the documents tell CBS News’ Jeff Pegues. Sources who’ve seen the warrants told Pegues it appeared to them that the real target of the raids was Mr. Trump. One source called it a “search and destroy mission.”

The raid on Cohen’s home stems from information found during Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling, but is actually a separate federal investigation.

In other words, the raid had far more to do with Donald Trump than it did Michael Cohen. And, truthfully, we should have known this all along.

Newsweek points out: “President Donald Trump was so angry about the FBI’s raid on his personal lawyer Michael Cohen, that he spent much of the weekend brooding, eating or just watching TV.”

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