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Supreme Court Just Handed “Government the power to do something it has no legitimate need or basis to do except to hurt targeted citizens”, Says Attorney

In a win for conservatives and Republicans, the Supreme Court has allowed states to purge voter registrations of those who haven’t voted in some time.  It’s just another way conservatives are stacking the deck and attacking/suppressing minority, mostly democratic voters. They deny it, but that’s the reality of it, folks.

Seth Abramson (attorney, professor, writer, and political expert) brilliantly points out the following:

“So the conservative Justices, who presumably believe in “limited government,” have given the government the power to do something it has no legitimate need or basis to do except to hurt targeted citizens. Unless, of course, judicial philosophy had nothing at all to do with this.”

“Progressive attorneys will tell you that in nearly any legal scenario the conservative jurist wants bigger government but will speak glowingly of limited government. They’ll also tell you there are as many conservative judicial activists as progressive ones. Here, both things.”

Associated Press explains: By a 5-4 vote that split the conservative and liberal justices, the court rejected arguments in a case from Ohio that the practice violates a federal law intended to increase the ranks of registered voters. A handful of other states also use voters’ inactivity to trigger processes that could lead to their removal from the voting rolls.

Justice Samuel Alito said for the court that Ohio is complying with the 1993 National Voter Registration Act. He was joined by his four conservative colleagues in an opinion that drew praise from Republican officials and conservative scholars.

Trump applauded the move from his trip to Singapore, tweeting: “Just won big Supreme Court decision on Voting! Great News!”

Why Ohio? Simple. It’s a big swing state.

Democrats say Republicans are trying to suppress votes from minorities and poor people who tend to vote for Democrats. Republicans say they are trying to promote ballot integrity and prevent voter fraud. I’ll let you decide which one you believe.

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