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Suspicious Activity by Russian Air Force Spotted Near Trump’s Vacation

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Suspicious Activity by Russian Air Force Spotted Near Trump’s Vacation

Allegedly gathering intelligence, a Russian plane was spotted flying over popular vote loser Donald Trump’s New Jersey Golf Club where the President is currently on vacation. I say “allegedly” of course, because they’re not likely to find any intelligence flying over anywhere that contains Donald Trump.

The Palmer Report has the details:
In a move that could not come at a more surreal time in the exploding Trump-Russia scandal and the imploding Donald Trump presidency, a Russian Air Force jet has buzzed three key U.S. government locations in Washington DC this evening – and then it also went on to buzz the Bedminster golf resort where Trump is currently on vacation.

This bizarre new development is being reported by CNN, which points out that the Russian military technically has the right to do this, based on an existing treaty between Russia and the United States, and that the jet is unarmed (link). But still, the timing of the Kremlin’s decision comes even as Donald Trump’s Russia scandal is growing so out of control for him that the FBI has raided the home of his campaign chair Paul Manafort. It also comes as Trump has begun threatening nuclear war against North Korea in an attempt at distracting from his own scandals and historic unpopularity. And there are other suspicious aspects to this as well.

As Palmer Report reported late last week, a private plane belonging to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich arrived at Newark Airport within hours of Donald Trump’s own arrival at the same airport for the start of his golf vacation (link). It’s still unclear who was on Abramovich’s plane, or where they went after disembarking. But over the weekend Trump made things look more suspicious by ditching reporters in a windowless room to prevent them from observing whatever was going on at his golf resort that day (link). And now we have the Russian Air Force buzzing Trump’s golf resort as well.

To anyone who is actually paying attention at all, it’s easy to see that this is well-timed event from Putin to display to the globe just how much control Russia has has over Donald Trump and the White House. But is Vladimir Putin trying to send a message to the American people in general, or to Trump in particular?
At this point, does it even really matter which of those scenarios is the accurate one?  We’re so deep into Putin’s backside at this point thanks to Trump that I’m pretty sure my grand kids will be speaking Russian.

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