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Tech Giant Executive Resigns After His CEO Joins Trump Transition Team

George Polisner, 57, has worked at US tech giant Oracle on and off since 1993, and has been a high ranking executive there for several years, has resigned over the fact that Oracle CEO Safra Catz has joined the Donald Trump transition team and pledged the company’s support of Trump.

Safra said “I plan to tell the president-elect that we are with him and will help in any way we can. If he can reform the tax code, reduce regulation and negotiate better trade deals, the US technology industry will be stronger and more competitive than ever.”

In a public resignation letter, Polisner says “I am not with Trump,” and expresses his regret that Safra brought the whole company into personal politics.

Here is Polisner’s entire letter:


 You were recently quoted “I plan to tell the President-elect that we are with him and are here to help in any way we can.” prior to joining the Trump transition team.

Based upon Trump’s own words and validated in his Cabinet selections he will seek to dismantle Social Security and Medicare –important retirement security for our aging and disabled population.

Trump stokes fear, hatred and violence toward people of color, Muslims and immigrants. It is well-known that hate crimes are surging as he has provided license for this ignorance-based expression of malice.

He disrespects Gold Star military families, women and the disabled.

He seeks to eviscerate environmental protections, the public education system, LGBTQ rights and women’s rights.

His tax and economic policies will greatly increase the national debt while concentrating wealth –exacerbating an alarming growth of wealth inequality in America.

I began with Oracle in 1993 and was proud to work among some of the best software development and operations engineers in the world. I’ve made significant contributions to Oracle along the way in my various roles ranging from consulting, product development, customer advocacy, program management and now in Cloud.

I am not with President-elect Trump and I am not here to help him in any way. In fact –when his policies border on the unconstitutional, the criminal and the morally unjust –I am here to oppose him in every possible and legal way.

Therefore I must resign from this once great company.

George A. Polisner | Governance/Service Delivery

Clinton era Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, a leader in the peaceful resistance of Trump, again took to his Facebook on the issue, praising Polisner for demonstrating the kind of courageous act needed to resist and undermine Donald Trump’s presidency:


Here is the Guardian article Reich referred to.

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