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There’s Something Suspicious About Trump’s Sudden Return to NYC From Vacation

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There’s Something Suspicious About Trump’s Sudden Return to NYC From Vacation

It seems that Trump has been avoiding Trump Tower like it has bed bugs or something lately. He spent most of his time there prior to his move to the White House and he has visited several of his other properties numerous times, so why has he been avoiding the Tower? Even more suspicious though, his sudden return there this week.

Trump may have been avoiding the property in a effort to perpetuate his delirious claims about wiretapping, or maybe he truly believes it. He may have been told by his wife Melania, to not come home. Seriously, he has not been home in months, but this week he tweeted, “Working hard from New Jersey while White House goes through long planned renovation. Going to New York next week for more meetings”.

So Trump’s 17-day golf trip has now added a side trip to New York? This was not previously announced leading us to believe it was not planned. Who are these meetings with? Why are they suddenly on his to-do list and not planned before his vacation? It could just be he’s mad everyone is criticizing his undeserved vacation so he’s trying to look busy, OR it could have something to do with Russia.

Remember the Russian oligarch’s private plane that landed hours behind Trump in New Jersey? Won’t it be interesting to see if it pops up in New York as well? The Secret Service is being kept at a distance and now Trump is headed back to his old stomping grounds for “meetings”… this seems like history repeating itself. I guess we can only hope the Towers are still wiretapped and someone is listening.

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