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There’s Something Very Suspicious About This N. Korea/Trump Feud

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There’s Something Very Suspicious About This N. Korea/Trump Feud

The majority of Americans currently dislike our President. His approval ratings prove it. This week the IBD poll shows Trump’s approval rating at just 32%. With his rating at the lowest in history of a President this far into their presidency, some people are suggesting that Trump will try anything to turn it around, even starting a war with North Korea.

It could be coincidence that right after his approval rating took another hit, the media began reporting that North Korea now has a miniaturized nuclear warhead, or it could be planted information. The Washington Post is reporting that “North Korea has produced a miniaturized nuclear warhead that can fit inside its missiles, analysts say.”

The Palmer Report points out:
Wait a minute, where did this come from? The WaPo has a strong and consistent record of sourcing. But up to now, all reports and analysis have been that North Korea was still at least a couple of years away from pulling this off. And these kinds of breakthroughs don’t magically happen overnight.

So either this new Washington Post report is wrong, or every report on this matter for the past couple years has been wrong, or someone just handed North Korea a miniaturized nuclear warhead so that Donald Trump would have an excuse to go to war with North Korea. The trouble: any of the three of these scenarios would be stunning. And yet one of these unlikely scenarios now has to be true.

If Trump is some how concocting this story to validate his war on North Korea, perhaps another news source will report something conflicting and expose it. At this point we have to rely on other media sources to come forward and either validate or discredit this claim, but it will be interesting to watch Trump and his administration squirm in the process.

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