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Top WH Source Leaks Trump Move That Shows He’s Putin’s Puppet

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Top WH Source Leaks Trump Move That Shows He’s Putin’s Puppet

Trump finally passed a piece of legislation and it was one that took away power from him. The House and the Senate both passed a bill taking away Trump’s power to ease U.S. sanctions on Russia. Trump really had no option as to whether or not he would sign the bill, but he did do something strange right before he signed it…he called Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Political insider Jon Cooper said someone from inside the White House told him, “Trump spoke with Putin before he signed Russia sanctions bill. No word yet on what Putin’s Puppet told him, but stay tuned!” This report was confirmed by another well known political insider Scott Dworkin who said, “I heard the same, different source.”

Let that sink in. The President of the United States of America called the President of Russia before signing a bill that would punish Russia. This would fall in line with other phone calls and secret meetings between the two that were not disclosed to Americans.

We just wonder what deal they struck that allowed Trump to sign this bill. Putin expected Trump to perform when it came to this and he obviously failed him. On the other hand, if Trump vetoed it, that would raise more suspicions. Either way Trump is failing on both sides of the scandal.

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