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Trump Can’t Find A-List Talent For Inauguration, Then Obama Shows Him How It’s Done

It’s no secret that the Trump team got so desperate for Inauguration entertainment that they decided to spin it by saying that “it isn’t Woodstock” and act like they didn’t want A-list celebrities.  It’s also no secret that this hurt Donald Trump’s delicate little feelings.

So while maybe, just maybe, Donald Trump will be rocking along with Ted Nugent and the guy who played Chachi on Happy Days, the Obamas will be basking in the glow of their own farewell party that will blow Trump’s Inauguration out of the water.

While nothing is official yet, it appears the Obamas will host a going away party at the White House on Friday, and among rumored guests are musicians like Usher, Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z and Beyonce, and Hollywood big shots like George Lucas, JJ Abrams and Bradly Cooper.

According to the Washington Post:

If this star-studded shindig follows the traditional Obama script for private parties, the first couple will be footing the bill themselves as they did for the Prince concert last summer. Cellphones will be confiscated at the White House security gate and social media crumbs will be few. But afterward, tales of the president’s dance moves and sore feet will make the late-night talk show rounds.

The White House party will act as the kickoff of a goodbye tour of sorts for President Obama, who will head to Chicago to deliver a farewell address Jan. 10.

Goodbye, Obama family.  I think the phrase “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone” has never been more appropriate.

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