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Trump Caught Using Psychological Trick at Every Public Speech

If you will recall, Donald Trump visited  the CIA headquarters a few weeks ago, apparently to try and smooth over his icy relationship with the intelligence community (which he of course denied was icy at all – blaming the media for portraying it that way).

This visit really only made their relationship worse, as many of the uncomfortable guests from the visit attested to. Part of the reason for the awkwardness, discomfort, and tenseness was due to Trump’s hired cheering section put in place to cheer and clap Trump’s many misleading statements.

“But reporters were clapping and laughing, they loved it.” — a commenter defending Trump’s first press conference.

“But members of the CIA were clearly laughing at his jokes and clapping, so what he was saying couldn’t have been inappropriate.”
— CNN pundit defending Trump’s CIA speech where he talked about his war with the media, in front of a memorial to men and women who lost their lives in actual wars.

The problem with the above reports is that in both cases, it was actually paid supporters, and only the paid supporters laughing, clapping and cheering.

Medium Media further explains:

The clapping and laughing you hear in both instances are Trump’s own people, who initiate and get the crowd to follow. They are sycophants who he brings to cheer him on and make it seem like what he’s saying is being well-received. And it’s working.

The laugh track was invented to cue the audience to the jokes and encourage laughter in response. But it has another effect: if you hear people laughing and you’re not, you start to question if maybe there’s something wrong with you for not getting it. You might even impulsively start laughing just to fit in, not because you think anything is funny.

In fact that’s exactly how this works — one person initiates a clap and suddenly everyone thinks there’s something to clap for. And then everyone is clapping. For no reason.

Both during that press conference and during that CIA speech, what he was saying wasn’t as surprising as the fact that the response wasn’t dead silence or audible fucking gasps.

How does the President say, “We should have taken the oil in Iraq” and “Maybe we’ll get another chance” to a crowd of CIA agents roaring with laugher?

It made me wonder — wait, am I the crazy one?

I’m not. Like everything with Trump it’s made up, it’s put on, it’s a [explicit] illusion.

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 10.07.03 PM

Donald Trump is going to stack every press conference crowd in his presidency with a cheering section, to present the illusion of popularity with the press, acceptance by the American public, normalization of his policies and procedures.

Share this and help us spread the word about this propagandist tactic. He won’t get away with this if more people know who is doing all that cheering and applauding. America must fight back.

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