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Trump/Cohen/Russia Emails Have Mysteriously Disappeared

Russian spokesman Dmitry Peskov has confirmed that President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen talked to Kremlin officials, but adds that the records have disappeared.

According to NBC News two emails and a phone call took place between Cohen and Russian officials about the planned project, which are two emails and one phone call more than Cohen previously claimed.

Peskov added that there were “two emails and one telephone call, returned telephone call, asking what they wanted and why they wanted to be in contact with [the Russian] presidential administration.”  But those communications, according to Peskov, “they did disappear.”
This revelation comes following  news that Cohen pleaded guilty this week to lying to Congress about the proposed Trump Tower project in Moscow and admitted discussions with Russians continued well into the 2016 presidential campaign.
The revelations  also raised new questions about Trump’s involvement in a possible Moscow deal. 

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