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Trump did in fact tell Michael Cohen to lie – Sentencing memo reveals

Donald Trump has once again been running his mouth on Twitter about how the fake media is after him and how Buzzfeed’s report is an example of it. Unfortunately for Trump, the Michael Cohen sentencing memo dated November 30, 2018 was released and it tells a different story.

Trump has tweeted: “Many people are saying that the Mainstream Media will have a very hard time restoring credibility because of the way they have treated me over the past 3 years (including the election lead-up), as highlighted by the disgraceful Buzzfeed story & the even more disgraceful coverage!”

He’s also tweeted “Newt Gingrich just stated that there has been no president since Abraham Lincoln who has been treated worse or more unfairly by the media than your favorite President, me! At the same time there has been no president who has accomplished more in his first two years in office!”

This is a little bit of insanity. The Special Counsel statement was not a complete refutation of the Buzzfeed story. It issued a very nuanced statement clarifying that specifics are not completely accurate, but never said that it was a total lie or even indicated as such. Once the final report is released, this will make more sense.

There is also a specific paragraph in Cohen’s sentencing memo from his lawyers that states clearly that Cohen lied at the direction of the president. The memo reads:

“…the campaign finance and false statements allegations together because both arose from Michael’s fierce loyalty to Client-1. In each case, the conduct was intended to benefit Client-1, in accordance with Client-1’s directives.”

The nonsense Trump is spilling about the media attacking him is all just gibberish. The paperwork on file at the Southern District of New York cannot be argued with. Once again, Trump is just hoping his toddler tantrums will help distract people from what is really going on.

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