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Trump Gets $17 Million From Nonexistent Mar-a-Lago Hurricane Damage Payout

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Trump Gets $17 Million From Nonexistent Mar-a-Lago Hurricane Damage Payout

Popular vote loser Donald Trump seems to make an awful lot of his fortune by shady and nefarious methods.

According to a new report, one such instance found that in 2005 Trump received $17 million in Hurricane Insurance payouts for damage to his Palm Beach club, Mar-a-Lago, even though there is little evidence there was any substantial damage at all, let alone $17 million worth. Someone should really keep on the resort and the level of damage it received from Hurricane Irma, because you know he’ll try it again.

AP reports:

Two years after a series of storms, the real estate tycoon said he didn’t know how much had been spent on repairs but acknowledged he pocketed some of the money. Trump transferred funds into his personal accounts, saying that under the terms of his policy, “you didn’t have to reinvest it.”

In a deposition in an unrelated civil lawsuit, Trump said he got the cash from a “very good insurance policy” and cited ongoing work to the historic home.

“Landscaping, roofing, walls, painting, leaks, artwork in the — you know, the great tapestries, tiles, Spanish tiles, the beach, the erosion,” he said of the storm damage. “It’s still not what it was.”

Trump’s description of extensive damage does not match those of Mar-a-Lago members and even Trump loyalists. In an interview about the estate’s history, Trump’s longtime former butler, Anthony Senecal, recalled no catastrophic damage. He said Hurricane Wilma, the last of a string of storms that barreled through in 2004 and 2005, flattened trees behind Mar-a-Lago, but the house itself only lost some roof tiles.

“That house has never been seriously damaged,” said Senecal, discussing Mar-a-Lago’s luck with hurricanes. “I was there for all of them.”

Just more of our con-artist President. Trump seems to have defrauded insurance out of $17 million for Mar-a-Lago, and now he’s defrauding American taxpayers out of millions of dollars for his constant trips there.

Watch a video report here…

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