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Trump Gets Blindsided By Yet Another Scandal, Witness Goes Public

Popular vote loser Donald Trump’s week keeps going from bad to worse.  In the midst of his threatening to (illegally, without congress’ approval) launch missiles at Syria and the fallout from the FBI raid on his lawyer’s office and home, news about Trump just can’t get worse. Or can it?

According to Dino Sajudin, a former doorman at Trump World Tower, Trump had an affair with a housekeeper there that produced a child.  In a statement on Thursday, Sajudin claims knowledge of the affair and surprise that American Media Inc, who paid him $30,000 for rights to the story, apparently leaked the story to the media.

“Today I awoke to learn that a confidential agreement that I had with AMI (The National Enquirer) with regard to a story about President Trump was leaked to the press. I can confirm that while working at Trump World Tower I was instructed not to criticize President Trump’s former housekeeper due to a prior relationship she had with President Trump which produced a child.”

The reports have not been about to confirm Sajudin’s story and The National Enquirer also indicates they could not prove the story to be true, so they opted not to run it. The allegations of the payment and agreement with Sajudin are said to have happened in November 2015, right in the middle of Trump’s campaign.

The housekeeper and child in question have not been named in news reports, and Sajudin’s claim still remains unverified.

What a classy guy.  Remember when that devil Obama had multiple affairs, some with porn stars and some that produced bastard children, and then paid to have them covered up? Yeah, me neither. Obama’s “scandals” were things like wearing a tan colored suit.

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