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Trump Gets Hit with 3rd Resignation in a Week as White House Continues to Crumble

On Wednesday night, news broke that Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her deputy Raj Shah are planning to resign from their respective posts within Donald Trump’s White House. Then yesterday, it was revealed that another key Trump administration official was following suit, except in his case, he has admitted that he’s jumping overboard because the administration is a sinking ship. So, who is this man? Well, he’s Marc Short, legislative liaison with Congress.

First of all, who even knew such a position existed? I certainly didn’t, especially considering the Trump administration isn’t exactly known for successfully running or passing meaningful legislation through Congress. Nevertheless, the position is very real, and as it turns out, it’s currently occupied by Mr. Short…at least for now, that is.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Short is preparing to resign and he cites “diminishing returns” when it comes to trying to get anything done as the reason. In other words, the damage has been done. As a result, he’s packing it in and leaving because there’s simply no hope of turning things around.

Perhaps it’s just me, but doesn’t the timing seem a bit interesting here? Considering ABC News reported on Wednesday morning that Donald Trump’s longtime attorney Michael Cohen was working toward a plea deal, isn’t it odd that — not two, but… — THREE of Trump’s top White House officials began calling it quits less than twenty-four hours later?

It’s almost as if these people realize that Cohen’s deal will certainly lead to the complete unraveling of Trump and his administration, and so they’re abandoning ship before the waters become more treacherous than they already are.

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