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Trump goes Berserk at 5:58am, Melts down because people are critical of him

Because he’s so tough and thick-skinned, President Donald Trump on Sunday attacked TV comedy Saturday Night Live (SNL) for their scathing take on his less than stellar week as President.

After Saturday night’s episode of SNL, Trump broke a 24-hour Twitter silence, calling the long-running show part of the “Democratic spin machine” and questioning whether or not it should be legal for them to so harshly parody the President.

Here is the progression of Trump’s Twitter meltdown…

That’s right. The President of the United States of America, a grown man, is wondering on social media if a satire show should be taken to court for colluding (with who exactly?) and defaming him.

If you want to people to stop portraying you as a terrible president and even worse human being, perhaps you should stop being such a terrible president.

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