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Trump Has an Unhinged Meltdown, Inventing Things That Never Happened

For the last several months we have watched as Donald Trump has continued to lose whatever mental faculties he had when he took office. His speeches and comments to reporters often leave people confused, not to mention his insane, late night/early morning Twitter rants.

Republican Senators are even admitting that Trump’s behavior is bizarre and unsettling. In a recent interview with Forbes Magazine, Trump was more deranged than normal, acting a bit hallucinatory.

Trump spent some time with Randall Lane for a feature story in the magazine and the first unsettling comment came quickly. Trump insisted that he and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson should compare IQ scores and that Trump somehow would “win”.

The entire interview displayed how far from reality Trump lives. He’s not just lying, he’s actually believing his own lies.

Trump even spent some time in the interview bragging about all the legislation he and the Republican controlled Congress have passed. Everyone with a brain knows that this is the opposite of the truth and that Trump himself is a big reason no legislation can seem to make it through a Repubican-led Congress.

Trump also mentions that the Senate just confirmed his campaign had no collusion with Russia. No one else heard the Senate saying that, so it’s unclear what Trump is talking about.

These are just a few of the deranged comments Trump made throughout the interview. Even his White House Communications Director Hope Hicks tried to step in to save the interview or perhaps end it prematurely, but Trump just kept on talking.

Luckily Forbes Magazine captured it all for us. Read the entire interview here.

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