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Trump is backed so far into a corner that he’s now lying about Mike Pence

Trump thought he could strong arm Congress into giving him a few billion dollars for his wall by shutting down the government, but that did go very well. Instead, more Americans have turned on Trump, so now he is working overtime to show he’s trying to get the government up and running again.

Trump is working hard to save face with the majority of Americans while still trying to cater to his base by saying he needs/demands the wall funded. Naturally, Trump is just saying anything that comes to mind in the moment, no matter how nonsensical it is.

Earlier this week, Donald Trump sent Mike Pence to a meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, which resulted in zero progress. Trump’s admitted defeat and decided to send in Mike Pence to give it another shot. After the meeting, Trump said:

“V.P. Mike Pence and group had a productive meeting with the Schumer/Pelosi representatives today. Many details of Border Security were discussed. We are now planning a Steel Barrier rather than concrete. It is both stronger & less obtrusive. Good solution, and made in the U.S.A.” – Trump

However, that wasn’t the case. CNN was all over this tweet, saying that Trump was fabricating how the meeting actually went. Manu Raju said “Trump makes it sound like they are moving closer to a deal to reopen government, but multiple people in both parties say no real progress was made to a deal. And Dems continue to insist that govt be reopened first before any border deal, a strategy the WH rejects.”

So, Trump is, once again, lying to the public via his Twitter account and doing a really poor job at it. He’s trying to convince Americans they are just small steps away from reopening the government that he shutdown, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Trump can’t simply cave on the issue, because what little support he has left would likely be done with him. However, he can’t wait out this game of chicken he is playing with congress either, because it only fuels the rage against him.

Trump is stuck and it’s clear it’s not going to end well for him.

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