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Trump Issues Insane Threat to Poor People Unless Dems “Call Me Up and Beg to Save Obamacare”

In what is one of the most cruel, evil, vengeful acts in Presidential history, Donald Trump is threatening to strip health coverage from millions of Americans by purposefully sabotaging the Affordable Care Act until Democrats have no other choice but to repeal and replace it.

If you will recall, House Republicans sued Obama over payments being made to insurers in 2014, which was simply a ploy to recoup the costs of providing lower rates to low-income Americans on Obamacare. Republicans knew without the “cost-sharing reductions” in premiums, less insurance companies would participate in Obamacare, virtually collapsing ACA.

Now, Trump is threatening to do the exact same thing if Democrats refuse to repeal and replace Obamacare.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

In an interview in the Oval Office, Mr. Trump said the White House may lack authority to make the payments established under his predecessor to reduce copayments and deductibles for some of the poorest customers who buy insurance under the 2010 Affordable Care Act. Cutting off the payments could trigger turmoil in insurance markets.

“I don’t want people to get hurt,” Mr. Trump said. “What I think should happen—and will happen—is the Democrats will start calling me and negotiating.”

New York Magazine points out, there are a couple obvious problems with this plan:

1) Trump’s hostage and his ransom are the same thing: He’s threatening to cut off health-insurance subsidies for poor people if Democrats don’t vote for his health-care plan, which significantly reduces health-insurance subsidies for poor people.

2) It will be hard to convince the public to blame Democrats for Obamacare’s destruction, after you publicly declared your intention to destroy Obamacare so that people would blame the Democrats for what you did.

Still, according to the Journal, Trump is seriously considering the idea:

When the Journal asked if he would agree even to release guidelines from which lawmakers could begin writing tax legislation, Mr. Trump said, simply, “No.” “I’m going to get health care done,” Mr. Trump said.

… Several times he steered the conversation back to the subsidies to health insurers, known as cost-sharing reductions, that help prop up the Obamacare.

…“Schumer should be calling me up and begging me to help him save Obamacare,” Mr. Trump said about Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, a fellow New Yorker. “He should be calling me and begging me to help him save Obamacare, along with Nancy Pelosi, ” the top Democrat in the House.

Mr. Trump said Democrats should be motivated to find negotiate on health care because “they own Obamacare.”

What a jackass. The guy still thinks he’s running a business (which he also sucked at) where he can screw innocent people over to get revenge on his enemies.  Except this time, the people getting screwed are the same fools that put him in office in the first place. Karma is a bitch sometimes.

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