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Trump Jr. Just Suggested to Mueller His Father is Guilty and Doesn’t Even Know It

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Trump Jr. Just Suggested to Mueller His Father is Guilty and Doesn’t Even Know It

Last week, Donald Trump Jr. testified before a Congressional Committee about his role in the infamous June 2016 meeting with Russian officials to try and get damaging info on political rival Hillary Clinton.

Before his testimony, as is semi-customary, Trump released a prepared summary of his testimony.  Adam Schiff isn’t on that committee and wasn’t present at that testimony, but he was alert enough to catch Junior changing the story in his statement in a way that could have big implications for Trump Sr.’s chances of getting past this investigation unscathed.

This is the key segment of Adam Schiff’s comment:

“The new statement is significant both in what is included, and what is excluded, when compared to earlier explanations. Although the new statement appears to track almost every line of Trump Jr’s prior comments on Twitter, this statement contains a notable omission, in that it no longer mentions that President Trump ‘knew nothing of the meetings or these events,’ raising questions about whether then-candidate Trump was in fact knowledgeable about the meeting in advance, and whether it formed the basis of his contemporaneous public promise of derogatory information about Secretary Clinton.

Palmer Report explains:

Schiff is referring to the fact that just before the meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and Russia, Donald Trump publicly claimed that he was days away from holding an event in which he would revealing damaging information about Hillary Clinton. After the meeting, Trump never did hold any such event or reveal any such information. This has given the strong impression that Trump was aware in advance that his son was planning to meet with Russia to try to get dirt on Clinton.

So which is it, Junior?

Did your pops know about the meeting or didn’t he?  You’re stories don’t match and it makes it seem an awful lot like he did know about the meeting and about the nature of the meeting, which could mean he’s guilty of colluding with a foreign power to try and swing an election. Also known as, “treason.”

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