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Trump Just Unwittingly Revealed He Knows a Bombshell is Coming


Trump Just Unwittingly Revealed He Knows a Bombshell is Coming

The best place to watch for a breaking story is Trump himself. Every time a story is about to break Trump starts spewing nonsense distractions to take away from that days headlines. It happened when the subpoenas from the Special Counsel came out, it happened when Trump Jr.’s meeting was exposed, and now it’s happening again. We just don’t know what bombshell is coming next.

When a major story is about to break, news publications reach out to the parties involved for comment. That’s how Trump always stays one step ahead. If his Twitter is any indication, this next bombshell will be a big one and it’s coming rather soon.

Trump went to his go-to first and started attacking the New York Times saying, “The failing @nytimes, which has made every wrong prediction about me including my big election win (apologized), is totally inept!”

Perhaps he then realized the Times wasn’t the only outlet covering the story because then he said, “Hard to believe that with 24/7 #Fake News on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, NYTIMES & WAPO, the Trump base is getting stronger!”

Then Trump went to his favorite nonsense saying that approval ratings are fake, “The Trump base is far bigger & stronger than ever before (despite some phony Fake News polling).” Something has him fired up for sure, but that was just his warm up.

Trump then went after Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal and randomly announced a trip to New York.

His desperation is at an all time high so we must be about to find out something incredible. He can continue this tweet storm for days, but it won’t hold the headlines long if whatever’s coming has him this upset.

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