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Trump Miraculously Won Wisconsin, Then a Suspicious $1 Million Money Trail Surfaces

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Trump Miraculously Won Wisconsin, Then a Suspicious $1 Million Money Trail Surfaces

During Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with the Russians at Trump Tower, there was a discussion of unspecified “donations” from Russia to the Republican National Committee. This came to light after it had been discovered that Paul Manafort had taken notes from the Trump Jr./Russia meeting that suggested this took place.

That didn’t make a lot of sense because of the vague reference in the notes, but then we remembered that several Republicans took money from a pro-Kremlin oligarch during 2016. Of course, they can all be tied to back to Trump in one way or another.

The donations in question were legal because the Kremlin oligarch had dual U.S. citizenship and because it was funneled through Super PAC’s.

The most interesting transaction that took place was a $1 million donation given to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s campaign through a PAC. What is the point of a Kremlin oligarch putting a million dollars into the hands of a Republican Governor in a small state like Wisconsin? It can’t be coincidence that Trump won in Wisconsin in the general election in near impossible fashion.

Scott Dworkin with the Democratic Coalition pointed this out as well:

Hillary didn’t focus on Wisconsin and Michigan because the polls said she was a clear front runner and had the states locked up. Trump spent some brief time there and won despite that being an impossible task. This Wisconsin win is the most concerning. The recount effort failed, but this $1 million donation has raised some serious red flags.

Palmer Report documented instance after instance after instance of anomalies and coverups that suggested Trump didn’t legitimately win the state

You hate to make accusations, but given all of the evidence that’s piled up, it’s only logical to conclude that Scott Walker had to have been wrapped up in the scheme to rig the election in some fashion. How did a Governor of a relatively small state get wrapped up in this? While we currently have more question than answers, the trail of evidence is clearly advancing.

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