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Trump Now “Offering Money” to a Prospective Witness Against Him, Explains Legal Expert

It has now been learned that members of Trump’s team are trying to get former White House communications director Hope Hicks to join Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign, which is odd timing considering she recently left the administration, according to Politico.

Hicks was one of Trump’s longest-lasting and most trusted aides and joined Trump in Ohio for a rally in recent weeks.  Hicks briefly spoke with reporters on Air Force One after the event, but it was off the record.

Her appearance on Air Force One sparked speculation over whether she was returning to Trump’s inner orbit.

“I think a lot of people would love to see her involved,” press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told Politico. “She is incredibly smart, talented, and she gets the president. It would be a win across the board for the president if she was involved in any capacity.”

Critics of the administration, like Seth Abramson, point out the possible conflicts of interest (and dubious legality) of Hicks returning to the Trump team:

2/ So Trump meets with Hicks both on Air Force One and during two limo rides in Ohio; she has a private conversation with a man she’ll be asked to testify against in a federal case and impeachment hearings; we now learn she has a job offer. Does America realize this isn’t normal?

3/ So at a time Trump knows Hope Hicks is a witness against him in an ongoing Obstruction investigation—particularly with respect to the false Air Force One statement he dictated and lied about—he offers her a paying job and a chance to rejoin his team. That may well be a crime.

4/ Keep in mind we already know Trump discusses the Russia probe with Hicks—so his job offer to her is part of a course of conduct that sees him commingling a job offer and talk of the case she’s a witness in. That’s *very* serious evidence of criminality. (Story link)

5/ Trump’s lawyers said don’t discuss Russia with Hope, and he did; they said don’t contact her post-resignation, and he did; I’m sure they said, “And for God’s sake don’t offer her any money!”, and now he has. They gave him that advice because they know what constitutes a crime.

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