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Trump Panics, Explodes Into a Public Meltdown…Now We Know Why

If there’s one thing that is a sure guarantee these days, it’s that President Donald Trump can’t go more than a few days without ranting about something on Twitter. And far more often than not, his rants include mention of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation in some way, shape, or form, whether he’s labeling it an outright “witch hunt,” or going on and on about those who have reached their respective plea deals and turned on him.

Well, this week was no exception, as he took to Twitter on Monday to attack Michael Cohen and his family members:

He also took a moment to attack Mueller and the “Angry Democrats”:

As is often the case, there’s usually something that prompts these types of responses. So…what was it this time?

Well, it perhaps had something to do with the fact that Robert Mueller was planning to file the sentencing memo for Michael Flynn on Tuesday. UPDATE: He did), and there is every reason to expect that it will publicly expose Flynn’s Trump-related crimes.

Or, it possibly had something to do with Robert Mueller also revealing to the media that he will file his sentencing memos for both Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen by Friday, cataloguing all of their Trump-related crimes, and allowing them to become public knowledge.

In other words, Trump panicked because he realized he is now just a mere few days away from total disaster, as Robert Mueller is set to go public in one court proceeding after another. After all this time, the hammer is finally dropping, and unfortunately for Trump, it appears to be dropping rather quickly.

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